Trend Alert: Ridiculously Pointed Boots, the Latest ‘In’ Thing

En pointe.

In the plains of Matehuala—the fourth-largest city in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí, there’s an unwritten rule: the longer the boot, the closer to God.

So local youth have developed a sui generis trend that is both Aladdin’s genie dapper and glitzy Locomía reject; the ridiculously pointy boot.  

Covered in sequins, exotic leather and faux fur, the poulaine-clad caballeros are raising up a fashion storm and making the chicas swoon by tearing it up on the dancefloor to the indigenous beat-infused electronica genre known as “Tribal.”

“The exotic boots are made by modifying boring normal ones with materials bought in local hardware and craft stores. The fanciest are adorned with LED lights or mirrors, while others incorporate paint and every color of sequins. They all get the glitter treatment no matter what. It was explained to us that some boots have measured upward of five feet in length.”
Vice magazine reports.
Manolo who?
Behold the awesomeness bellow:
Images & video via

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