Mexico’s Duopoly War Gets Animated With “Los Slimson”

Mexican magnate Carlos Slim and The Simpsons’ Montgomery Burns have a lot in common: they’re high-profile billionaires, they hate sideburns, and they’ve both devised devilish plans to block out the sun.

OK that last one might be a stretch, but if you play into the media melée being played out between Slim and his country’s two biggest televisorasTV Azteca and Televisa, it’s almost believable.

The latest development?

A series off full-page ads taken out this week in Mexico’s top national newspapers Reforma, El Universal, Milenio and El Economista that inspired in the popular Fox television series take a jab at Slim’s Telmex and cellphone provider Telcel.

In the Tales From Copyright Infringement-approved advert titled Los Slimson, four blue-faced pitchmen are depicted with glossy messages like “In Slimlandia clients get quality service,” “telephone charges are low,”  “connection speeds are infinite,” and “your mobile always works.”

Above a sad fifth character, the phrase “Not in Mexico” rounds off the spread, with Houston-based group Todos los Mexicanos (All the Mexicans) signing off on it.

Many questions remain as neither Slim nor his companies have issued an official statement; chief among them: WWEBD?

What would El Barto do? 

With information from Reuters. Featured image via Simpsons Wiki, “Los Slimson” caps by Gonzalo Alonso.

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