Mexican Drive-ins Set for a Comeback

They might not be projecting El Santo nudie flicks anytime soon, but for the first time in 30 years, the autocinema or drive-in is set to make a comeback in Mexico City.

“Before, going to the movies was a life-changing experience,” a promotional video for Autocinema Coyote making its rounds on the internet says. “In 2011, it will be once again.”

Slated for a May opening the drive-in will feature a 53′ x 40′ screen, a lounge area and capacity for 200 cars. Following a vintage aesthetic, it will also include pre-movie animation and a 1950’s-style cafeteria.  

The brainchild of  Camden, New Jersey chemical company magnate Richard M. Hollingshead Jr. the heyday of the autocinema has long past with most drive-in remnants transformed into swap meets, industrial spaces and even megachurches; though a comeback of sorts has been registered in recent years with film aficionados at the forefront of a drive-in revival, and the more hardcore vintage junkies paving the way for the growing “guerrilla drive-in” movement.

For Jacqueline Kajomovitz, one of the four investors behind Coyote, the trend is the perfect way of reinvigorating what she calls a “lack of film-related culture” in Mexico.

“Autocimena Coyote is the result of four young people with different backgrounds including a designer, an architect, a filmmaker and a physical therapist, who are just as passionate about movies as we ware about finding different recreational activities with a cultural twist within the city,” Kajomovitz tells El Zonkey Show.
Adding that they aim to offer a “different” movie going experience, Kajomovitz also said projections will include classic film series, theme nights and possibly its own film festival.  

“Going to the drive-in is a vivacious experience, and further proves the notion that movies can change your life,” she shared.

Promo vid bellow:

One Response to “Mexican Drive-ins Set for a Comeback”
  1. jesica marcus says:

    Waw, very impresive. I wish I lived in mexico

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