¡Show Me the Pesos! Forbes Exposes Secret Mexican Billionaires

Forbes’ Kerry A. Dolan who ran the publication’s World Billionaires’ list in the 1990’s is addressing why the mag never included former Mexican ransacker president Carlos Salinas de Gortari as well as “any of the country’s drug dealers.”

In a nutshell, the reason is because not only can Salinas’ fortune not be entirely quantified, but also because of its dubious provenance.

“Salinas was rumored to have benefitted from privatizations of large state companies like phone company Telmex–but this was never proven.”

Dolan says in her report.

The list of “missing billionaires” also includes prominent families whose fortunes are “spread across a large number of shareholders or across several generations.”

These families include retailer giant Soriana heads, the Martin Bringas’; Coke bottlers Cynthia and Bruce Grossman, and Bimbo (as in bread) peddlers the Jorba Servitje’s.

Still notably absent is “El Pirrurris,” Mexico’s most flamboyant ricachón.  


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