Further Proof of Armageddon: Paris Hilton Wants ‘Bronco’ to Write Theme Song for New Shoe Line

Yes, we’re ging to hell in a handbasket; but at least it’s couture.

During her recent visit to Mexico, a delightfully monotone Paris Hilton professed her love for norteño outfit Bronco when a reporter suggested the group’s hit “Con Zapatos de Tacón” (With High-Heel Shoes On) become the anthem for her latest venture.

“I think that, that song goes perfect for my shoe line,” heiress-cum-designer professed after the journo sung a few chords. ¡Es perfecto! she continued, in Spanish.

She also talked Mexican food, Britney and bejewelled water bottles.

No official comment has been issued yet by Bronco, as they are tied up overseas as a part of their diplomatic duties.

Feature image by Eduardo Verdugo/AP

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