‘El Hijo del Santo’ Sets the Record Straight on Why He Halted Skin Flick Projection

27 years after his death, legendary man of the ring and screen El Santo was to become box office gold again thanks to El Vampiro y el Sexo—the titty-flashing blue alternate to one of the fifty-two family friendly films.

But before you could say buzzkill, his son aptly named El Hijo del Santo stepped in claiming to have exclusive rights ver his father image and put the kibosh on the whole thing.

“It’s wearing having to defend yourself constantly against people who would like nothing more than to exploit a character that as everyone knows has a proper owner and is not of the public domain,” El Hijo del Santo penned in his column for sports site Record.com.mx.

“Like it or not, Santo, El Enmascarado de Plata, all his variations including mask, wardrobe and general characteristics are of my property because my father in life entrusted me with it.” he continued.

He went on to say that his reasons were not financial, that he did not explicitly “prohibit” the screening of the extended film, that the newly unearthed additional scenes are “far from pornographic by today’s standards,” and that all the hullabaloo was a “cheap” publicity stunt per the organizers of the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

“¡As always, Mexicans are fellow Mexicans’ worst enemies!” he finalized by saying, adding that he’s kept his end of the bargain by being his father’s legacy keeper.  

El Hijo further shared that he’s in talks with screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga (Amores Perros, 21 Grams, Babel) to develop an original script that would expose a new generation to the Santo legacy.

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