Break Out theTapatío: “Burrito Wall” Proposed Along the U.S./Mexico Border

Assistant professor of architecture at the University of California Berkeley, Ron Rael has the perfect plan to add flare to the unsightly fence that dominates the 700-mile series of barriers that stretch along the United States/Mexico border.

The plan involves burritos.

“It would be easy for me to raise a picket sign and as an architect say, ‘Down with this wall!’” Rael tells the UC Berkley News Center.

“I have to accept the wall because it exists, but as a designer I see that something better is possible. Why not do something intelligent, something incredible? I envision not just a ‘dumb wall,’ but a social infrastructure that connects and improves lives on both sides,” he continues. 

The proposed infrastructure includes solar panels, potable water dispensaries, a lending library and a bi-national food cart dubbed the “burrito wall.” 

Proposed "Burrito Wall" rendering by Rael San Fratello Architects

Utopian as it is however, one must never undermine Mexicans’ unique brand of ingenuity.

Meth machaca and coke quesadillas would probably pop up before you could say “Up in Smoke,” but still his vision is commendable.

There is one thing we would strongly suggest: Make sure it’s a prix fixe menu. We’ve all seen the terrible consequences hiking up the price of burritos can take.   

You can see Rael’s inspiring take on the U.S./Mexico border bellow:

One Response to “Break Out theTapatío: “Burrito Wall” Proposed Along the U.S./Mexico Border”
  1. Gumer Boytano says:

    This is insane and Niurkalicious…. Love it!!

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