BAD SEED: Mexican Retaliation Against Those Canadian Druggies Has Begun

Just a few short days after former Mexican president Vicente Fox pointed the finger at Canada when addressing his country’s narco warfare plight, it has been announced that now more than ever, the purity of exported Canadian canary seed is under question. 

Per the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Phalaris canariensis or annual canary grass (a major component of feed mixtures for caged and wild birds) is allowed a limit of certain weed seeds of 50 in a one kilogram sample. 

According to Mexico’s stern import laws that’s 50 too many, as shipments have to be cleansed by paisano hands in order to meet the country’s zero tolerance on quarantine weed seeds.

“We are going to have to live with their rules,” a reluctant David Knobbs, GM of CanFoods recently said. “For the most part I think we are stuck trying to manage it and move our weed seed counts to virtually zero, which is almost impossible, but we’ll see how it works,” he continued.

At press time, rumored Fox advisor La Pájara Peggy was unavailable for comment.

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