BREAKING NEWS: Chuck E. Cheese to Open 10 Mexico Locations

Swiss Cheese Queso SuizoIn a move that’s sure to prompt little kids to shriek: ¡Mami, mami el ratón malo me esta hablando! CEC Franquicias S.A. de C.V. announced it will open a series of Chuck E. Cheese’s locations across northeastern Mexico over the next five years.

“The opportunity to become a part of the Chuck E. Cheese’s family is a venture that our corporate group could not be more thrilled about,” Luis Guzmán, CEO of the franchise operator said. “We are confident that we can provide the children and families in our country the great experience and happiness that they deserve,” he continued.

The fist lucky markets will be the cities of Monterrey, Torreón, Gómez Palacio, Saltillo, Tampico, and Ciudad Victoria.

It’s unknown what kind of reception the theme restaurants will get, though it is safe to say Chuck E. will have stern competition debunking El Ratón Crispín as the country’s top rodent.

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