The Truth Comes Out: Canada, Responsible for Mexico’s Drug War

That according to former Mexican President (and People Magazine’s “Sexiest World Leader” in 2001) Vicente Fox, who touched on the issue at Calgary’s Dinner of the Americas on Friday.  

“Speaking to reporters before the Dinner of the Americas at Hotel Arts, Fox said Canadians and Americans who use drugs shipped through Mexico from South American countries bear some of the responsibility for the ongoing bloodshed that has killed more than 30,000 people since 2006.

That’s when President Felipe Calderon increased the army presence in border towns and cities where cartels are fighting for control of trafficking routes into the southern United States, which are thought to be worth upward of $40 billion annually.”

The Toronto Sun reports.

We knew that behind their amicable demeanor frontin’, Justin Bieber-producin’, hoity-toity healthcare for all agenda an angry narco beast liveth.

Kyle’s mom, take it away:


Fox cartoon by Alan Rodríguez.

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