Her Life Threatened, “La Tigresa del Oriente” Debuts 2 Videos, Plans to Open Travel Agency

Say it ain’t so.

Self-proclaimed “Queen of YouTube” and El Zonkey Show pet (with Elsa Patton coming in at a close second), La Tigresa del Oriente claims she’s been receiving a series of nasty death threat messages.

“I’m a little scared, but well La Tigresa is La Tigresa. Don’t mess with me, because if you want to kill me, you’re gonna get a scratch from me first,” determined, she told a Peruvian news reporter.

She claimed not to know who the assailant is, though she has “clear suspicions” it’s a man.

When probed further as to the mystery e-mailer’s identity, the Peruvian Sherlock Holmes opted to remain mum.

Furthermore, the chanteuse shared her plans to put together travel groups to Israel. “Together we will sing my hit Israel: En Tus Tierras Bailaré and we will be happy and joyful,” the artist mused

An unstoppable glamour machine, she took to her Twitter this week and premiered not one, but two epic music videos.

The first one, belonging to the song “La Ñañita Loca” starts with a stern Tigresa making use of her acting chops while teaching a bunch f 30-year-olds that “1+1=2,” and later unfolds to a gripping tale that would give both “Carlito’s Way” and “La Reina del Sur” a run for their nuevo sol’s.

Oh, did we mention she sings and gyrates in front of a Pall Mall cigarets advert?  

On a lighter (and more filtered) note—and taking advantage of her country’s relaxed child labor laws, “La Tigresita” is a gleeful tour de force. Equal parts “Thriller” and “It’s a Small World,” it stars La Tigresa’s army of infant wigmakers and cheetah print embroiders which are just plain happy to be left out of their damp dungeon for the day.

Enjoy both clips bellow: 

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