Mexico’s Human Rights Commission Names Norteño Group “Migrant Ambassadors”

Bronco Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) bestowed upon popular norteño band El Gigante de America (née Bronco) the title of Musical Ambassadors of Migrant Rights; with the intention of  “strengthening favorable actions benefiting those that travel through National territory with the purpose of finding jobs in the neighboring nation to the north.”

Talk about a mouthful.

The title comes with a promotional TV campaign and the promise of raising human rights awareness in their massive bailes in an effort to “sensitize the population,” to migrant rights issues.

Present in the ceremony, CNDH’s ombudsman Raúl Plascencia, stated that “migrant kidnappings are an attack against the right to legality, security, freedom, integrity and even the right to live.”    

José Guadalupe Esparza, singer of the band (who my mom sadly has a crush on…true story) said he related to the migrant’s suffering, as the now hugely popular band went through a string of hardships in their early days.  

Fellow members Ramiro Delgado (who played the late Selena’s love interest in the 1993 telenovela “Dos Mujeres, Un Camino”) and sexpot brothers Javier and Jose Luis “Choche” Villarreal were also on hand.

According to a recent special report by the CNDH, 11,333 migrants were kidnapped during a six month span in 2010.
¡A bailar!



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