Mexican Superstar Thalía, Victim of Identity Theft

Well not exactly.

Turns out it was just “talented” celebrity “impersonator” Angélica Vale pranking a Miami-area curtain shop during the Enrique Santos radio show.

We know; the teaser caught our limited ADHD  Zonkey attention as well.

At least you didn’t have to stomach through a full hour of Univision’s Primer Impacto to get the full story like we did. Man! There’s a lot of prison riots in Colombia and an entire neighborhood lynching culture in Honduras that we were not aware of.

During the prank call, a baby prostitute-voiced Vale asked the unsuspecting Señor Cortinas if she could custom order some window treatments that could be raised and lowered to the sound of her classic songs, all Bellagio dancing fountains-like.

File this under: meh.

Besides, we all know that if someone has notoriously been jacking up Mrs. Mottola’s style it’s that hoochie Lady Gaga, with her fiery braziers and plush animal gowns, as witnessed in the following clip (hell, according to the video, even the late Michael Jackson has famously ripped-off the telenovela queen):

Check it out:

In related news, apparently Katy Perry jacked her look from Selena.

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