Caffeine High—Farmers Swap Illegal Crop for Twitchy, Legal One

Giving a whole new meaning to the term “caffeine high” and following the Arias for AK’s trend we previously reported on, The Wall Street Journal says a growing number of farmers in the Mexican state of Guerrero are swapping their opium poppy crops (the raw material used for the production of heroin), for the more “honest” coffee.   

“Wary of escalating drug violence and government crackdowns, these farmers say they see coffee as an opportunity to dedicate themselves to a more honest business—not necessarily as lucrative, but less risky and finally profitable again.”

The article reads.

It also goes on to say that in the early 1990’s international coffee prices registered a multiyear low at just under 42 cents a pound; while today, at $2.95 per pound coffee futures are at a 14-year high .   

Hmmm, perhaps the feared Nescafé bandit was onto something…

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