Tijuana’s Mug Shot Hall of Shame

Tijuana newspaper Frontera seems to have come up with the perfect formula to cure the current lackluster print market—reshapping the ol’ Mexican staple of the nota policiaca.

Considered to be the original reality show, the ‘police notes’ are the prissy cousin to the gory nota roja, and usually consists of pictures of criminals caught red-handed alongside whatever arm they were nabbed with or item they stole in a sad, posing next to a prize Marlin fashion.  

Reworked in a section Frontera dubs “La Galería de los Malandros” or The Ruffneck’s Gallery, they are my friends, publishing gold.

“Historically, societies have publicly exhibited delinquents much to their shame and that of their families. Sometimes that’s the best corrective measure, that is why we present these galleries.” 

They daily states.

Bellow is a sample gallery, with captions translated verbatim. For full effect, click on each image to enlarge.

You can thank me later.

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