Mr. Peanut FINALLY Comes Out Of The Closet!

What the liberated future might hold. Credit: The New Yorker

We’ve speculated over Mr. Peanut’s bi-curious tendencies before, and now the cat’s outta the bag with Planters’ latest TV advert.

In it, the legendary legume gets a mad case of Latino Fever and is seen secretly lusting after Alejandro—a fiery almond matador most likely named after the Lady Gaga song.

“I gotta admit, there’s a lot of fire in that boy!” Peanut swoons to his two hags at the end of the ad, the camera angle zoomed to a medium-shot as a sure way of hiding his shelly chubby.

The tongue-in-cheek revelation comes as no surprise, hot off the heels of the confirmed bachelor’s Carson Kressley-approved makeover which includes a dandy jacket with contrasting piping, trendy Fall 2011 pilgrim shoes and oh-so-tight jeggings.

Witness the fabulous awkwardness bellow:

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