Arias for AK’s

The ongoing wave of narco violence is not music to the ears of  TV Azteca media magnate Ricardo Salinas-Pliego.

His solution?

Arm kids with musical instruments, not guns.

“The idea is quite simple: Kids need activities and role models to stay out of trouble. One of the reasons that violent gangs and narcotics abuse flourish in Mexico . . . is the large number of disenfranchised young people.

Giving teenagers some inspiration, a single role model and an opportunity to be part of something bigger at a critical point in their lives can be the difference between being a productive or being a destructive member of society.”

The 8.2 Billion Dollar Man tells Forbes on the topic of his burgeoning Esperanza Azteca youth orchestra.

Virtuoso violinist-cum-sex-symbol-turned-Christian preacher Olga Breeskin (how’s that for hyphen overload), must be ecstatic.  

No word on how Salinas-Pliego would react if one of his mini Mozart’s took their newfound musical knowledge and jumped on the narcocorrido bandwagon.

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