Tapatío Crunch!

The age-old munchies axiom: I bet you can’t eat just one, is about to be modified to I bet you can’t eat just one without your eyes watering, thanks to legendary hot sauce brand Tapatío’s latest move.

In what could be a headline ripped from our Frankenfoods section the Vernon, CA-based salsa announced a teaming-up with Frito-Lay to produce a special run of  Tapatío-infused chips across five of their brands.

“I never was a Fritos fan, unless they were doused with Tapatío. And when I say ‘doused,’ I mean ‘drowned in them until the chips absorbed the hot sauce.’ These flavored Fritos taste EXACTLY like it–the musky Tapatío flavor is unmitigated and slightly scorches, with the curlicue shape a nod to the torciditos and Takis of Mexico. These chips make Flamin’ Hot Cheetos seem as bland as a rice cracker.”


Gustavo Arellano, managing editor at OC Weekly reports.

He goes on to mention the run will also include “Tapatío-flavored Ruffles, Doritos, Lays…and some other brand I forgot.”

On the verge of the salsa picante‘s 40th anniversary, what other ventures could be in the midst? According to this video, plenty.

One Response to “Tapatío Crunch!”
  1. Jeff says:

    Taptio Doritos sound like the greatest thing ever.

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