La Tigresa del Oriente Takes Over Mexico

Calendario MayaShortly after El  Zonkey Show named her hottest Tigress in the land, La Tigresa del Oriente embarked on a mini promotional tour in Mexico which included a special appearance on Niurka’s talkshow Ella es Niurka.

How the Mayan prediction of end of days didn’t get bumped up right then and there causing the sun to extinguish with so much class and elegance converged in a lone, confined space, is beyond us.  

The highlight however, was a homemade vid she recently posted on her Twitter which shows an S&M-decked Tigresa soaking up the sights including the historic downtown Zócalo, the pyramids (where some natives revered her as Quetzalcóatl’s second coming), and the “Mexican Venice” Xochimilco, narrating at times not directly at the camera, but to God knows to who.

“There is no age to make your dreams come true. At any age and at any time can they come true!”

The 103-year-old Tigress says.

Enjoy the video postcard bellow:

Rad Tigresa graphic by Boom Bazooka.

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