What NOT to get your Mexican friend this Flag Day

Celebrated every year on February 24, Día de la Bandera (Flag Day) is one of Mexico’s most solemn holidays, dating back to 1937 when President General Lázaro Cárdenas first institutionalized it before the monument to Vicente Guerrero.

Guerrero, who served a brief term from April 1 to December 17, 1829 as the country’s second constitutional president was the first commander-in-chief to pledge allegiance to the flag.

Next to the image of the Virgen de Guadalupe, the flag is one Mexico’s most revered images, so much so that it’s legally protected alongside the national seal and the national anthem in the country’s Ley sobre el Escudo, la Bandera, y el Himno Nacionales, which states that particulars “must observe the respect that corresponds to the national symbol, and should display care and neatness in its handling,” and spells out sanctions for those who don’t.

Translation? Market some bandera-emblazoned boxers, and authorities will not seize the merch, but issue a fine of 250 to 1000 times the minimum salary and throw you in jail for up to 36 hours.

And they’re not joking either.

In 2007, Mexican pop star Paulina Rubio was ordered to cough it up after suggestive images of her posing with the emblem were published in the Spanish version of Cosmopolitan.

Still, if you’re in a  festive mood, we scoured the web for the worst Día de la Bandera gifts for that little bandido in your social circle.

Get those fines ready.

5   Mexican and Arizona flags cornhole game set

With the Copper State’s SB1070, and its spinoff SB 1611 we’ve been cornholed enough, thank you very much.  


4   Mexican flag cufflinks

Exactly since when do wifebeaters have sleeves?


3  This apron

Described by its Etsy seller as “hilarious” and guaranteed to “bring loads of laughter,” this Mexican flag apron has a hidden surprise in the form of a nylon stocking penis with “pubic hair in the obvious areas!” Juay? Juaydedildo? (Big ups to all three of you who caught that last joke).

Click on image to…um, enlarge.


2  Festive 7 Layer Dip

OK…it’s no so much that the intention behind it, but the fact that the national seal is made out of beans.


1   Sexy Men’s Swimsuit


Dubbed as “a great choice for Latin lovers,” and guaranteed to “have everyone heading south of the border!” Given that Mexico is now officially the world’s fattest country and standard Mexican male beach attire is usually something like this, the most offensive part of this Nylon/Spandex creation is not the glorious eagle seal ass, but the fact it’s only available in size small.

Feel free to add all of these to our Holiday Gift Guide.   

Come across any dubious Mexican flag items yourself? Sound off bellow!

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