Best Dressed Award at the Grammys Goes to…


Hip-hop darling Nicki Minaj, who dazzled in this self-described “masterpiece” designed by  La Tigresa del Oriente (though she told everyone it was by Givenchy) at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards.

A night of a thousand stars, B.o.B. paid his respects to Mr. Peanut with a dashing monocle, and Cee Lo Green kept it country paying a clear homage to the San Diego Chicken.

Still, Minaj’s Tigresa-inspired look took the cake.

Head-to-toe impeccable, she described the looks as “a miraculous piece of lioness meets her cub/meets fierceosity/meets fabulosity/meets fashionista/meets runway/meets everything darling,” to Ryan Seacrest during E! Entertainment’s  red carpet coverage.

Take a minute to soak it all up. Fierceosity, indeed.

Your move, Gaga.

Image via

UPDATE 2/16/10: The Tigress (a huge fan of this site) agrees! Awkwardly translated page from her official blog here.

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