La Tigresa del Oriente’s reign is unstoppable!

Karl who?

Move over Donatella Versace, there’s a new anthropomorphic roasted chicken making a splash in the fashion scene!

Hot on the trails (or is it tails?) of us naming La  Tigresa del Oriente tigress supreme, the Andean goddess surprises us with her latest encarnation—that of fierce fashion designer.

Exclusively consisting of wait for it, wait for it…animal print, the erection-guaranteed garments debuted this week on Peru’s “Amor, Amor, Amor”  TV show. 

The line, which has caused a whirlwind from the catwalks of New York to the adult theatres of Milan, has already inspired young Hollywood including fellow natural beauty, La Toya Jackson who donned some of the samples on this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Revered as the Incan Daisy Fuentes, expect for La Tigresa‘s showstopper couture to be available in your neighborhood Kohl’s soon.

For a preview of the line, check out LTO’s official blog.

Apparently, Spanx haven’t made their way down to Peru. Just sayin’…

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