Same-sex couple voted “most attractive” in Mexican publication

File under: Hold on, this really happened in Mexico?

Quién, a mainstream society and lifestyle Mexican magazine has named same-sex couple Macario Jiménez and Fernando Raphael one of the 10 Most attractive of the country, raising up a stir not just by including them,but also by having them grace their February 2011 cover along the way.

43-year-old fashion designer  Jiménez and Raphael, his 39-year-old architect beau, have together for seven years and legally married since  2010.

While it’s a great stride in equal rights in the country marked both by Catholic oppression and machismo hypocrisy, lest not forget that Mexico is a place where a morning anchor can badger a licensed sexologist by starting a heated rant questioning whether homosexuality is “normal” or not, and still be on the air.

Still, it’s a move in the right direction, as no “family shields” censoring the magazine have been reported.

Take, that! Elton John and David Furnish cover.

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