Windows 97: the new coke

via videogame-skins.comTaking on a new corporate growth strategy, notorious  Michoacán-based drug cartel La Familia is diversifying by taking to the streets selling counterfeit Microsoft products, emblazoned with their trademark “FMM” logo.

Per Seattle PI’s Microsoft blog:

David Finn, associate general counsel in Microsoft’s anti-piracy unit, referenced the counterfeiting at the Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy in Paris. He said this and other examples show the connection between software piracy and organized crime.

“This is the real side, the scary side of counterfeiting and it plagues the world,” he said…

Why is it scary? Because, Finn said, it means people who buy counterfeit software in Mexico could be funding even worse crimes, such as kidnapping and murder.

“Hey homie, can you spot me an eight of Vista” never sounded so gangsta.  

Expect a Bill Gates narcocorrido very soon.

Apparently, the similarities between the licensed version ant the bootleg one are uncanny. Preview of the Mexi-software bellow:

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