Hello, Kitty!

On February 3, the Chinese Year of the Tiger will officially let out its last purr to give way to the rabbit; but before that ominous occasion, one final issue must be resolved once and for all: In the pantheon of creepy cat lady performers, who reigns supreme?

I give you the natural beauties that are Mexico’s Irma Serrano, aka “La Tigresa” and Amazonian hairdresser-cum-YouTube-sensation Judith Bustos, better known as “La Tigresa del Oriente.”

Both are talented head turners, both are consummate chanteuses, both know their way around a back alley plastic surgeon’s office; but only one can take top prize.

A long-standing staple in Mexican media, singer, actress and overall badass Irma Serrano has been a permanent tabloid fixture for generations and has inspired many a younger artist. Rumored to have sold her soul to the devil, Serrano had an affair with President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, claimed to sleep in a bed once owned by short-lived Emperor Maximilian, became a state senator, and in 2003—at the ripe age of 71—announced she was pregnant by her 12-years-deceased ex-boyfriend. Sadly though, three months later, she announced in a press conference she had miscarried.

When asked her age, she simply responds: “666.” 

Not to be outdone, La Tigresa del Oriente has rapidly become this generation’s Miley Cyrus

With all the style and grace of a younger John Goodman, she became an instant phenom when her YouTube videos exploded all over screens far and wide, tuning her into an overnight viral meme. 

With close to 10 Million upload views, she’s the hottest thing to come out of Peru since whatever the last hot thing that came out of Peru was, and has publicly denounced Lady GaGa on several occasions for “stealing” her act.

Exhibit “A”

Not one to quit her day job, Bustos still runs a beauty shop out of her humble Lima residence because, seriously, who wouldn’t want to get glammed-up by her?

So, in these precious last days of the tiger era, the question remains: Who would you rather?

Check out these videos and please sound off bellow.

Somewhere in her Park Avenue penthouse, I’m guessing Jocelyn Wildenstein is seriously considering taking vocal lessons.

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