Man Crashes in Mexico, Lands in U.S.

It was recently announced that a new port of entry to San Diego dubbed Otay Mesa East will soon break ground and will be fully operational by 2015.

For a 44-year old man behind the wheel of his sand-colored Mitsubishi Galant however, that wait was apparently too long.

Border Wait? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Border Wait! Pic via El Mexicano

In what could well have been a story ripped from The Onion, the man—driving on notorious Playas de Tijuana-bound Avenida Internacional, lost control over the car Wednesday morning after reportedly being bumped by another vehicle, and plummeted some 40 feet into American soil in an international fence-jumping display that would have made The Dukes of Hazzard‘s General Lee proud.

In our minds, he was humming this when the incident occurred.

Daily El Mexicano reports that though Tijuana police, paramedics, and fire fighters arrived on the scene, they could not offer any help in fear of  producing a cross-border “legal problem,” as the rescuers would have risked being detained by the Border Patrol for illegal border crossing. 

Meteoro and his two passengers were rushed to a San Diego-area hospital and are reported to be in stable condition.   

Your move, Boss Hogg.

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