Oops Hugh Did it Again

Just as we revealed in a recent Zonkey Show exposé, newly engaged octogenarian mogul Hugh M. Hefner has stealthily expanded his operation down south.

Further proof of this has come to our attention after Maribel Zavala, Rosa María Arcos, Gina Itxel Aguilar, Samantha Vázquez and Ofelia Acordagoytia, five of the ten former Mexicana de Aviación stewardesses who created a racy 2011 calendar titled Aeromozas Mexicanas: Levaltando el Vuelo, were recruited to appear in the Mexican version of Playboy.

In an impressive display of professionalism, all "conejitas" pointed out emergency exits before signing. Pic by Notimex

Founded in 1921, Mexicana was North America’s oldest operating airline—and the world’s fourth oldest—before filing for bankruptcy and abruptly ceasing operations in August 2010. In response, a group of  intrepid flight attendants self-published the record-breaking almanac (currently in its second printing).  

Hardly a novelty, Playboy has produced pictorials featuring ladies displaced from once powerful companies in the past, such as 2002’s “Women of Enron” ahem…spread.

In a 2006 déjà vu-ish move, terminated stewardesses with South American airline Varig, did the same for the publication’s Brazilian edition.

While we anxiously await to see the stunning beauties in action, one question remains: What will those couture masterminds over at Sastrería Rivera Hermanos create for such a momentous occasion?

Expect a Carta Blanca version of this ad soon.

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