Ámbar Alert

Tijuana’s much hullaballoo’d Museo Ámbar is under phase two of its construction, daily Frontera reports.

The Museum, whose main purpose will be to educate children on the dangers of drugs, is set to be the centerpiece of the CEART (Centro Estatal de las Artes)—a multicultural “corridor” complex in the city’s Parque Morelos.

With a reported price tag of 10 million dollars and designed by famed Mexican architect Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, the man behind Mexico City’s Basilica de Guadalupe, Lausanne’s International Olympic Committee building and Tijuana’s own Centro Cultural (CECUT), the proyect—now over a year behind shedule—has had quite the rocky road, which includes the death of two construction workers who were crushed by a collapsing perimetral wall in May of last year.

Fashioned after the human brain, Ámbar’s inner cerebellum will house displays on the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Per a September 2009 San Diego Union article:

“Inside the anti-drug center, multimedia rooms will feature three-dimensional videos and hands-on exhibits that will help students understand the parts of the brain and how they are affected by alcohol and drugs. The field trips will be supplemented with related classroom instruction.”

Ironically, judging by the rendering alone one could argue that 92 -year-old Ramírez Vázquez was off his balls high when designing it.

Phase II image by Sergio Ortiz/Frontera

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