Tales from Copyright Infringement

When I started this section I had my eyes set on tangible examples of Mexi-infringement, but recently broke the rule with the melodic bliss that is Pan Americano.

Like you, I hoped and prayed to La Santa Muerte that it’d be a one-off thing, but then this exuberant example came to my attention.

I give you Calor Norteño’s version of The Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling.”

Titled Tengo un Sentimiento, the storyline for the video is pretty basic: Roll around in a souped-up orange Hummer (classy!), pick up some cheap ho’s around Tijuana’s Avenida Revolución, drive ’em around til they don’t know where they are, blind them with their array of Nextels and expensive bejeweled shirts, and finally rooffie them into a stupor with the help of some dizzying moves and a hypnotizing siren song.

As far as the lyrics go, they definitely one-upped will.i.am, that’s for sure:

Voy a pistiar/ a congalear/ traigo una lana, la voy a gastar. Es lo mejor que voy a hacer/ Voy a loquear, y pun pun, ¡ya esta!

Translation: I’m gonna drink/ I’m brothel bound / I’ve got some cash, I’ll be spending it. It’s the best thing I’ll do / I’ll do some blow, and pun pun, that’s it!

Somewhere, I’m guessing Fergie is pissing herself all over again right about now.

Later, the song  gets even better with mentions of party crashing Quinceañera‘s, DIY hangover cures and the high price of meat.

Call your dealer and your butcher and click on the amazing vid bellow. The Time of Your Life is pretty much guaranteed.

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