Show me the pesos!


Just as he promised during his campaign, successful Tijuana empresario-cum-Mayor Carlos Bustamante Anchondo will be donating 100% of his salary to local charities during the duration of his 3-year term.

The first donation occurred yesterday after Bustamante shared a rosca with the girls of the Casa Hogar Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús shelter.

“The nuns [of Santa Teresita] do a lovely effort hosting the sixty girls they do who have been abused or can not be taken care of by their parents,” Bustamante told the local media. “Here, they receive love and education and I hope that others can engage in similar actions.”

After handing over a check for $87,461 pesos—some $7,150 USD (the amount of his salary for the month of January), Bustamante announced he’s eyeing other local institutions which aid single mothers as well as children for the coming months.

An action straight out of a storybook, the closest the citizens of Tijuana had been to Sherwood Forrest was an enchanting dive bar on Blvd. Salinas called Ruben Hood. Yes, Ruben.  

Picture of the Mayor and his Boehner-approved giganta-check via El Sol de Tijuana.

Sing-along with me, won’t you?

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