Pachanga Alert!

Mexi-hipsters rejoice! El Zonkey Show has teamed up with Mucho San Diego and Track 78 to bring you its official too cool for these stripes launch party on Wendesday, January 12 @ San Diego’s live venue cathedral, The Casbah (2501 Kettner Blvd.)

La cherry on top? Mexican alt-pop sensation Hello Seahorse! will be performing as part of their Lejos No Tan Lejos promotional tour alongside up-and-comer Madame Recamier.  

Fronted by 21-year-old Denise Gutierrez, aka “Lo Blondo,” Hello Seahorse! is living up to its hype as the most buzzed about band in Mexico thanks to their unique combo of so sweet it will make your teeth rot melodics, deep lyrics and who cares if people are looking toe-taping electro beats.

Per The Live Buzz:

[Hello Seahorse!] transcends any conventional definition (or stereotype) of Latin music. That may owe something to Gutierrez’s cross-border roots (she was born in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Van Nuys but attended a prestigious choir school in Mexico City as a child). But it also comes from the band’s deep experimentalist streak, which invites influences as far-flung as Denmark’s Mew and France’s Phoenix.

See you all there! Facebook event here.

Special thanks to Nacional Records

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