Mexican Hall of Fame: The Rosca

I give you: the Rosca de Reyes.

With Spanish roots and available around this time in celebration of  the Día de los Santos Reyes (Magi Day), the carb coma equivalent to Cerveza Noche Buena is famous for being decorated with dry fruit and stuffed with tiny plastic dolls representing the Baby Jesus.

My cousin Xóchitl showing off her tasty rosca

Traditionally served on January 6, it marks the sweet end to the holiday season, and a swift reminder to take down the Christmas tree; though growing up, my mom would sometimes keep it up till St. Patrick’s day. “I like to get my money’s worth, mijo,” she always said.

The theistic version of a Cracker Jacks box, whomever gets the plastic infants in their piece must throw a big ol’ tamales party on el Día de la Candelaria (Candlemas Day), February 2.

As a kid, I remember laughing at the poor kids in class when they would try to swallow the mini messiah in order to save their family the fiesta expense.  Their raspy, Barry White-esque voices would always give them away.

I was an evil child.

So celebrate with me, won’t you? Invite all your friends (especially the poor ones) and go to town. Authentic panadería versions are prefered, but big box stores like Wal-Mart have recently jumped on the rosca bandwagon and offer their take the King’s cake for just under ten bucks if you’re one of those Pan Americano types.

If you’re a regular Chepina Peralta (Mexico’s answer to Martha Stewart), you can find a recipe here.

As far as the reaction to the hidden surprise, expect something like in the video bellow (see the look on the winning kid’s face…you know he considered swallowing it for a hot minute).

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