Tales From Copyright Infringement

Meet Mr. Peanut‘s homeboy cuz, Cacahuates Mayo mascot El Señor Cacahuate.

No need for spats, white gloves, or a fancy chapeau. Monocle? Get real. He rocks a pair of fly polarized Oakley’s to hide his bloodshot eyes (the factory is next to La Casa del Clamato). He doesn’t carry a cane, though he hides a nightstick under his zonkey-inspired zarape por si las moscas; and while he might be suffering from eczema, he’s still got mad swagger and cracks Macadamias left and right, while his gringo counterpart shamefully posts Craigslist “shell job” Casual Encounters ads in his penthouse suite.

Keep your fancy Times Square advert, Peanut, El Señor has a primo spot near one of TJ’s busiest corners which includes a fuse box that doubles as bling. Top [hat] that.

Pics by Enrique Limón/ElZonkeyShow.com

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