Everything I know I learned from watching telenovelas

No. 4

Erik Estrada can save ANYTHING.

Granted, he’s only starred in one telenovela—Televisa’s 1993 churro masterpiece Dos Mujeres, Un Camino (“Two Women, One Path”), but his pocho star still shines brightly in the pantheon of novelahood.

With the worst Spanish ever and acting skills reminiscent of a young, Latin William Shatner, Estrada gave life to Johnny, a horny truck driver torn between the love of two sassy señoritas.

Per the novela’s Wikipedia page:

Johnny had enemies in Tijuana, where he was blamed for the death of a young man by the Montegarza family. Johnny is still very in love with his wife when he falls for a young waitress, Tanya (Bibi Gaytán), whose mother owns a restaurant that Johnny frequents. Tanya does not know he is married, and Reymundo, a police officer in love with Tanya, is working with fellow officer Ángel to pursue the head of the family that blames Johnny for the young man’s death.

And though Estrada never returned to telenovelas, his legacy as the male Heather Locklear lives on in an array of commercials (he’s the reason I drive a pimped-out Toyota Yaris), and priceless reality TV moments.  


Also notable from this production, was Laura León‘s “unique” singing skills during the soap’s opening credits. I’ll save you the blown speakers and suggest you check out supergroup Bronco‘s forgotten rendition instead.

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