Got Milko?

With tounge-in-cheek innovation and urban style, clothing line Milko Milkoo is proving to be the hottest thing out of Tijuana since the beer bucket, thanks to a line of playful t-shirts inspired by San Diego’s sister city to the south’s largest milk company.

“I was wearing one of my dad’s worker’s hats one day featuring the company’s logo and a couple of friends asked where they could buy one…it pretty much took off after that,” Andrés Jiménez the emerging brand’s milk heir-cum-designer tells El Zonkey Show.

The shirts—several of which feature Leche Jersey’s trademark smiling redheaded boy not only do a body good, but the spirit as well, as proceeds from their sale buys milk for Tijuana-area orphanages.  

Available in several TJ shops, Jiménez says the emerging brand will expand in 2011 and will include a line of hoodies, hats and accessories. North of the border, the shirts can be found in Little Italy’s Igloo Shop and University Height’s Hunt & Gather boutique.

Now wipe that mustache off your face.

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