Tales from Copyright infringement

Charrería: The new NASCAR?

I kick off this new segment with what could well be just an odd case of awkward product placement.

Growing up in the border region, copyright infringement has a sweet spot in my heart. Plaster Pikachu donning a Nazi helmet? Sign me up! A T-shirt that reads “Crack Kills” and features Bart Simpson crushed between an obese woman’s butt cheeks? Hell to the .

A couple of months back I did a cover story on Charrería for CityBeat, which not only sparked an ongoing investigation from the County of San Diego Dept. of Animal Services but also dominated the Letters to the Editor section for several issues.  

Leave it to me, but out of all the images there the one that stood out the most was this of a proud charro rocking a Maruchan ramen logo-emblazoned zarape.  

What’s with the endorsement?

2 Responses to “Tales from Copyright infringement”
  1. timmy says:

    where’s the photo credit? : )

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